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About Apotheosis

Release Date:
February 13, 2019
Current Version:
1.16.5 1.15.2 1.14.4
Included In:

Apotheosis is a mod about improving the vanilla experience while attempting to stay true to the base game. It adds new potions, enchantments, dangers, mechanics, and other interesting things that greatly improve the Minecraft experience.

About Apotheosis in Valhelsia 3

Apotheosis has been completely customized to integrate properly with Valhelsia 3. All the information you can find below is related to Valhelsia 3, moreover, the only module currently activated is the spawner module.


In Apotheosis, Mob Spawners are not as simple as they seem. They can be collected with Silk Touch, for a price. Breaking a Mob Spawner with silk touch will drop the spawner and retain all of it's properties, but also deal 500 durability damage to the pickaxe used.


Apotheosis introduces a system for modifying the stats of spawners. To use a spawner modifier, simply right click the item on the spawner, and if the modifier can be applied, the item will be consumed.

Here you will find all the modifiers applicable to the spawners.

Name Icon Description Stats
Speed Upgrade
Decreases maximum spawn delay.
Min Value: 400
Max Value: 800
Ender Air Bottle
Increases spawn count.
Min Value: 1
Max Value: 8
Increases max nearby entities.
Min Value: 0
Max Value: 18
Dark Matter
Increases required player range.
Min Value: 0
Max Value: 32
End Rod
Increases spawn range.
Min Value: 0
Max Value: 8
Anchor Upgrade
Ignores nearby players.
Allows the spawner to work even if there is no player present in the area.
Redstone Probe Connector
Enables redstone control.
Allows you to turn off the spawner with a lever for example.


Using a Mob Spawn Egg on a spawner will change the spawner to the type of mob contained in that egg. How do you get a spawn egg? With the Capturing enchantment. Capturing is a sword enchantment that provides an 0.4% chance per level to make any mob killed drop their spawn egg, if it exists. Some mobs cannot drop spawn eggs.

Here is the list of spawn egg where you could use them on a spawner.

Animals Monsters