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Welcome to the official Valhelsia wiki!

Welcome to the official Valhelsia wiki! Here you can find all the information about our different modpacks and mods. You can also find information about some of the mods that are present in our packs, and all the necessary information about some changes that we have made to them.


  • Valhelsia 3 (download) is our latest modpack for Minecraft 1.16.4. As the successor to Valhelsia 2, we kept all of our favourite mods from there and included a number of fantastic new mods that we have discovered since first creating Valhelsia 2. The pack is under very active development, gaining new mods and features frequently!
  • Valhelsia: Origins (download) is a highly curated Minecraft 1.15.2 modpack with a focus on player creativity in both aesthetic and technical play. We bring you the core Valhelsia experience that you may have come to expect from the popular Valhelsia 2 pack while showcasing a selection of entirely new mods to bring you what we feel to be the best Vanilla++ experience that Minecraft 1.15.2 has to offer. All this in a more lightweight pack for better performance.
  • Valhelsia 2 (download) is our most popular pack, created for Minecraft 1.15.2. The pack includes many of the most popular classic mods to ensure that veteran modded players feel right at home, and we also include many amazing new mods to discover, keeping the pack fresh and full of new experiences just waiting to happen. We include a wide range of mods to suit a variety of playstyles but without needless redundancy.
  • Valhelsia 1 (download) is our very first pack, released for Minecraft 1.14.4 in 2019. It's where it all began for us!


  • Valhelsia Structures (download) is a mod that generates new structures such as abandoned buildings and randomly generated dungeons. Available as a Forge mod for 1.14, 1.15, and 1.16.