‚Äč 1.16.5



  • Fungyss A new blue-white mushroom that comes with a full set of wood-like blocks. Fungyss doesn't generate yet as we have some bigger plans for it that will take some more time to implement, however you can already use the white blocks for building as you can buy them from the wandering trader. Some times the wandering trader now also sells Cherrywood Saplings, Mysterywood Saplings and Yellow Orchids.

  • Nipa A new magical plant that can be found randomly on the ground or floating on small islands. When you're near a Nipa it will refill your Aureal by 1 point every 30 seconds. Additionally, Nipas will generate an Arcane Crystal Dust Speck every 3 minutes.

  • Arcane Crystal Dust Speck Nine Arcane Crystal Dust Specks can be crafted into one Arcane Crystal Dust, meaning you can now build automatic Arcane Crystal Dust farms.

  • Zombie Arm Zombies can really rarely drop their arm now when defeated. Zombie Arms will be required in some Rituals further down the road but for now they can be used to convert Horses and Villagers into their Zombie variants.

Patch Notes:

  • Aureal Bottle Aureal Bottles can now be crafted by surrounding a Regeneration II Potion with Arcane Crystal Dust.

  • Quantum Catcher The Quantum Catcher received some improvements. Placing Entities is now more accurate, so you no longer suffocate you entities.

  • Corruption You will no longer get Consequences when you have below 10 Corruption.

  • Added missing Soul Extractor Recipe.

  • Possibly fixed a memory leak.

  • Fixed incorrect rendering of fullbright blocks with OptiFine G8.

  • Fixed Edelwood Ladder not working.

  • Fixed Spawners dropping Spawner Scrap with Silk Touch II from Apotheosis.

  • Fixed Crash when using Turkish language.

  • Some Orb of Temporary Flight fixes.