Essence Providers

This page shows all ways you can gain the needed essences for your rituals.


If you want to use items to provide the needed Aureal you'll need to use normal Aureal Bottles or their Splash variant.

Alternatively, the Aureal production can be automated using Arcane Crystal Obelisks.

A guide to these Obelisks can be found here: Arcane Crystal Obelisk





There are currently two ways to acquire souls, but both need a Soul Extractor.

  1. Suck the Souls out of their beloved Sand with the Soul Extractor and turn Soul Sand into Soulless Sand.

  2. In your world, you may occasionally run across the path of a Lost Soul. These poor little fellows got lost and now wander aimlessly through the world. They are pretty adorable and get easily scared. However, if you want you can catch them with your Soul Extractor. Lost Souls come in three different variations: the default white ones, the blue Corrupt Lost Souls, and the pinkish Enchanted Lost Souls.






For this essence you'll need to get your fingers dirty and sacrifice entities.

Either directly hurt entities near the forge and their blood will directly fill the essence bar or craft a Mystical Dagger and damage entities while having a Test Tube in your inventory.


Gaining experience is usually pretty simple, but you'll now need it in item form now. If you didn't know, the Black Hole is perfect for this as it absorbs all experience orbs and spits out Xpetrified Orbs after a while.

A full explanation of the Black Hole can be found here: Black Hole

Alternatively, did you know that the Hephaestus Forge can also remove enchantments from your tools to gain experience? Simply put your tools in the experience slot and all enchantments on that item will be magically turned into experience to fill the bar.




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