Item Modifiers

Forbidden & Arcanus adds a new item modifier system in recent versions. Modifiers are special attributes attached to an item giving it new strong abilities. Be aware though that every item can only contain one modifier at a time, choose wisely!

The items that can be used to apply modifiers to items in the Smithing Table usually need to be forged in the #hephaestus-forge. Items with an active modifier will have a unique tooltip border that resembles the container modifier.

Eternal modifier

The eternal modifier is probably the strongest of the currently implemented modifiers. However, the advantage of completely removing durability from an item and making it truly eternal comes with a high cost: the ritual that creates the Eternal Stella item in the #hephaestus-forge requires a Stellarite Piece as an ingredient.

The Eternal Stella is applicable to all items with a durability bar.

Fiery modifier

The fiery modifier can be applied to all tool items (Pickaxes, Shovels, Axes, Hoes) and will automatically smelt all mined blocks if they have a smelting recipe.

Magnetized modifier

The magnetized modifier can only be used on Boots. When boots with this modifier are equipped, the item pick-up range of the player will increase by one and a half blocks.

Demolishing modifier

The demolishing modifier can unlock the true power out of your tools (Pickaxes, Shovels, Axes, Hoes). Tools with this modifier will be able to break a 3x3 area.

New modifiers will be added in the future as updates are made. If you got a unique suggestion for a new modifier don't hesitate to tell us in our Discord server and maybe your idea will become reality. :)

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