Runic Tenebris Core

To create it, you have to right click a Runic Tenebris Frame with a Dark Nether Star.
This block has been removed in the 1.17.1 version. It will be added back at a later point.

Magical Farmland

To get it, you need to right click normal Farmland with Arcane Bone Meal. Magical Farmland doubles the quantity of crop drops. Golden Orchids can only grow on this type of Farmland.

Black Hole

You can create a Block Hole by throwing Dark Matter together with Corrupti Dust on the ground. It will attract items and small entities like Arrows or Experience Orbs and delete them. Once it absorbed enough experience points, it will throw out a Xpetrified Orb.

Edelwood Ladder

The Edelwood Ladder can be climbed twice as fast as a vanilla Ladder. They are craftable like the vanilla Ladder with Edelwood Sticks and a Edelwood Planks.

Hephaestus Forge

To get the Hephaestus Forge, you must build a multiblock structure. You can find below the screenshots to know how to build it. You will need 45 Polished Darkstone, 9 Arcane Chiseled Polished Darkstone, 4 Chiseled Arcane Polished Darkstone and a Smithing Table.
Place as above the 45 Polished Darkstone, 9 Arcane Chiseled Polished Darkstone and 4 Chiseled Arcane Polished Darkstone.
Place the Smithing Table in the center and use a Mundabitur Dust on it by sneaking + right clicking and this create the Hephaestus Forge.
Place as above the Darkstone Pedestal to make your first rituals (this is not necessary to create the Hephaestus Forge).
To start a ritual you need to right-click on the Hephaestus Forge block with a Blacksmith Gavel.

Arcane Crystal Obelisk

Create it by placing two Arcane Crystal Blocks on top of an Arcane Polished Darkstone and right-clicking one of the three blocks with Mundabitur Dust.
When placed on an Arcane Chiseled Polished Darkstone block in a Hephaestus Forge structure the Arcane Crystal Obelisk will slowly input Aureal into the Forge.
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