0.1.5 - Bugfix Update

Patch Notes:

  • The Cartographer now trades maps pointing to castles and dungeons from Valhelsia Structures.

  • Dimensions can now be blacklisted entirely, not just biomes (thanks wchen1990).

  • Fixed an incompatibility with Bamboo Blocks (and potentially other mods).

  • Structures are now correctly centered.

  • Fixed a rendering issue with the Dungeon Door.

  • The Dungeon Door should now open correctly on servers.

  • Fixed an issue where the Spawner Dungeon size was out of the valid range.

0.1.4 - Bugfix Update

Patch Notes:

  • Fixed a potential crash (Issue #88).

  • Improved the water detection below certain structures (structures shouldn't generate over lakes anymore).

  • Fixed the custom Dirt, Coarse Dirt, and Grass Blocks around structures breaking slowly regardless of tool used.

  • Removed remaining code for structures that no longer exist due to being renamed.

  • Updated the Forge structure.

0.1.3 - Bugfix Update

Patch Notes:

  • Fixed "Missing Structure Start" log spam.

  • Fixed Big Jars overwriting other blocks.

  • Fixed crash when other features overlap dungeon doors during world generation.

  • Added wildcard support to biome blacklisting - you can now add an asterisk before or after text in the blacklist entries, such as "twilightforest*" (which would prevent structures generating in any Twilight Forest biomes).

  • Structures will no longer spawn in water, even if it is a valid biome - this prevents structures appearing in the middle of lakes, for example.

0.1.2 - Bugfix Update

Patch Notes:

  • Fix Mixin log spam on server (and possible crash).

  • Improve structure registration and placement checks (structures should generare more often now).

  • Pillagers with swords will now attack you.

  • Small aesthetic correction on the Forge structure.

  • Structures should now better match their surrounding land.

0.1.1 - Bugfix Update

Patch Notes:

  • Add Big Jar Top Block.

  • Change Zombie Special Spawner to Drowned Special Spawner in the flooded main room of the Spawner Dungeon.

  • Fix Pillagers spawning without crossbow.

  • Fix an air block underwater in the flooded main room of the Spawner Dungeon.

0.1.0 - The Witch Hut Update

The first Valhelsia Structures update of 2021 is now available, take a look at our blog post to see what's new!

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