Hephaestus Forge

Learn everything you need to know about the Hephaestus Forge - the main multiblock in Forbidden & Arcanus.

The Hephaestus Forge is needed for every player that wants to dive deep into the world of forbidden magic. Gathering the required material for creating it might take a while, but it's worth the effort as it will open up the possibility of executing powerful rituals which can have various outcomes.


To get started you will have to obtain the following materials:

  • 48 Polished Darkstone

  • 9 Arcane Chiseled Polished Darkstone

  • 4 Chiseled Arcane Polished Darkstone

  • 1 Mundabitur Dust

  • 1 Smithing Table

After having built the above pattern, place the Smithing Table in the central spot above the Arcane Chiseled Polished Darkstone block. In order to transform it into the desired Hephaestus Forge you'll now only need to sneak and right-click with the Mundabitur Dust on the Smithing Table a bolt of corrupted lightning will strike the block and transform it.

Congrats, you've successfully created your Hephaestus Forge!


Now that you've set up your Hephaestus Forge a new menu will welcome you.

It might look a bit overwhelming at first, but it's very straightforward once you get used to it. Each ritual has one main ingredient that goes into the big slot in the middle. The four slots surrounding it can be used for enhancers. Some enhancers are required to start certain rituals while many enhancers are optional and provide useful advantages such as reduced essence costs.

See Enhancer Relics for explanations of the different available Enhancers.

You might have noticed that the menu contains 4 different bars. These all represent a different essence type. To fill these bars, you can use the slots on the side of the screen.

The four essence types are:

  • Aureal

  • Souls

  • Blood

  • Experience

Each ritual requires a different set of essences to start.

A list of all ways to gain essences can be found here: Essence Providers


Every ritual you execute will require you to sacrifice certain items which need to be placed on Pedestals. Obtaining these Pedestals should be your next step. Most rituals will only need 6 Pedestals while others may require you to use all 8 available spots for Pedestals.

Currently Forbidden & Arcanus has two types of Pedestals - the normal Darkstone Pedestal and the Magnetized Darkstone Pedestal.

When just starting your journey, you'll want to go with the default Darkstone Pedestals for now. You can later turn them into their Magnetized variant by using a Ferrognetic Mixture created through a ritual on them. Magnetized Darkstone Pedestals have the advantage that they automatically display items thrown upon them - this unique property can for example be used to partially automate rituals.

Arcane Crystal Obelisk

Gathering the required essences for a ritual can be tedious - luckily Aureal can be automated with the help of Obelisks. When placed in one of the spots where normally a Pedestal would go, it will slowly fill up the Aureal bar in the Hephaestus Forge.

In order to create an Obelisk you'll have to place 2 Arcane Crystal Blocks on top of an Arcane Polished Darkstone Block. To complete the transformation, you'll have to once again use Mundabitur Dust.

Your finished Hephaestus Forge setup might now look like this from above:

Starting a ritual

After placing all required items on the pedestals and filling the essence bars to the needed amount, you might start the desired ritual. In order to do this, you'll simply have to craft a Blacksmith Gavel and right-click the Hephaestus Forge with it.

After 25 seconds the ritual has been completed.

Upgrading your Forge

The Hephaestus Forge comes in 5 different tiers. When you first create it, it will be tier 1 which is enough for simple rituals but won't suffice for executing more advanced rituals. Upgrading your Forge tier will allow you to store a larger number of essences in the Hephaestus Forge and thus allow you to execute new rituals.

The upgrading needs to be started with special upgrading rituals. Unlike default rituals, these won't create a result item, but advance your Hephaestus Forge by one tier after they have been completed. Below you can find the instructions for these special rituals.

Tier 2

Tier 3

Tier 4

Tier 5

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