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Soul Extractor

Hold right-click on Soul Sand to get a Soul, the Soul Sand will turn into Soulless Sand.

Bone Tools

Attack Damage
Sword: 5
Pickaxe: 3
Axe: 7
Shovel: 3.5
Hoe: 1
Attack Speed
Sword: 1.6
Pickaxe: 1.2
Axe: 1
Shovel: 1
Hoe: 2
Besides the use as a tool, they can also be used as Bone Meal. They are craftable like the vanilla tools with Bone as Steak and Bone Block.
The Bones Tools are no longer available since the 2.0 update.

Blacksmith Gavel

Blacksmith Gavels are a new tool type like Pickaxes or Shovels. Just like Pickaxes they can be used to mine stone-related blocks at a higher speed. Furthermore, they have pretty high attack damage making them a viable weapon, though, at the cost of a lower attack speed.
Due to their enhanced mining technique Gavels have a 30% chance of duplicating mined Ores.
If you want to blacklist an ore from this mechanic you can add it to the forbidden_arcanus/tags/blocks/blacksmith_gavel_unaffected block tag
A Gold Ore Block that dropped two Raw Gold when mined with the Gavel.
Besides the use as a normal tool Blacksmith Gavels are also needed to start rituals in the Hephaestus Forge. Every Gavel has a remaining ritual uses counter in their tooltip that shows how many rituals this item can still be used for. More advanced Gavel variants can be used more often.
To start a ritual simply right-click with the Gavel on the Forge after inserting all required items and essences.
Tooltip showing the remaining ritual uses.

Quantum Catcher

The Quantum Catcher can be used to capture and transport entities. To obtain it, you can combine Spawner Scrap and an Arcane Crystal Block in a Smithing Table.

Edelwood Bucket

An Edelwood Bucket can hold multiple fluids at once (4 buckets for water and 3buckets for lava). Can also hold stews and some small entities. The Edelwood Bucket will require the Permafrost enchantment in order to hold lava safely.


Draco Arcanus Scepter

It can shoot powerful energy balls, when an energy ball hits a mob it summons a lightning bolt. It is used like a bow but shoots automatically after a while.


Orb Of Temporary Flight

It can be found in treasure chests from End City. When using it, it grants you 5 minutes of flight.

Utrem Jar

To get an Pixie Utrem Jar you have to right-click on an Utrem Jar with a Pixie in your hand, it's the same with Corrupted Pixie to get Corrupted Pixie Utrem Jar. You can also put water or lava in Utrem Jars with a bucket in your hand, allowing you to store lava without taking up space in chests.

Dragon Scale

You can craft Dragon Scale with a Mystical Dagger and a Dragon Head, you just need to put them in a crafting grid. The Dragon Scale is used in the crafts of Draco Arcanus Tools and Armors.

Golden Orchid Seeds

Seeds can be anbtained by crafting a Yellow Orchid with a Arcane Gold Ingot. Allows you to grow a Golden Orchid which when harvested gives you an Arcane Gold Nugget.

Seed Bullet

By throwing it, at the time of the burst of the Seed Bullet this one will drop a seed randomly (as for example: a potato, carrot, etc...). To craft a Seed Bullet, you will need an Arcane Crystal Dust and 4 seeds.
This item has been removed in the 1.17.1 version. It will be added back at a later point.

Chorus Pearl

Throwing it on an entity will make it teleport away in a 50 blocks radius.
This item has been removed in the 1.17.1 version. It will be added back at a later point.

Spectral Eye Amulet

Applies the Glowing effect to all entities near the player when it's in your inventory.

Xpetrified Orb

Use by right clicking on it to get 91 Experience points, or save them to combine with Stellarite Piece to create Eternal Stella.

Eternal Stella

The recipe has been replaced with a Hephaestus Forge ritual.
Place a Diamond in the main slot of the Forge. On the Darkstone Pedestals you need 3 Xpetrified Orbs and 1 Stellarite Piece.
Crafted from 4 Xpetrified Orbs and a Stellarite Piece.
It can be right-clicked up to three times to fully repair all items in your inventory. Combine it in a Smithing Table with an item to apply the Indestructible enchantment (before 1.17) or the Eternal modifier (1.17+). This will consume the Eternal Stella.
The Indestructible enchantment/Eternal modifier is not compatible with the Mending and Unbreaking enchantments.

Mundabitur Dust

Mundabitur Dust can be used to craft Arcane Gold Ingots or to transform various different things.
It can for example be used to charge a Creeper or to create an Arcane Crystal Obelisk. It it also needed to activate the Hephaestus Forge.

Strange Root

Strange Root rarely drop from Petrified Root, can be used as alternative to Nether Wart in order to brew Awkward Potion.

Spawner Scrap

Spawner Scrap drops when breaking a Spawner, and can be combined in a Smithing Table together with an Arcane Crystal Block to obtain a Quantum Catcher.

Arcane Bone Meal

Allows the plant on which it is used to fully grow with only one compared to the Bone Meal. You can also make Magical Farm Land with it.

Test Tube

Can be crafted by combining a Glass Bottle with a Rune. It stores blood from entities killed with a Mystical Dagger. A blood-filled Test Tube can be used to input Blood into a Hephaestus Forge.

Aureal Bottle

When drunk it will grant 35 Aureal to the player. It can also be used to input Aureal into the Hephaestus Forge.

Sanity Meter

The Sanity Meter allows to you to see your current Aureal and Corruption values. To get an exact amount you need to right click it.
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