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The store is now closed, a Patreon page will replace it. This page will be updated as soon as our Patreon is online.


Thank you for your interest! Players have been asking for a while if we accept donations, but we wanted to give recognition back to the people who support us financially, so it is with great pleasure that we have opened the Valhelsia store. This page is mainly dedicated to our store where you can support us by purchasing various cosmetic upgrades that will be visible to all players playing our modpacks or using one of our mods (see below for compatibility). The income received from cosmetics purchased through the store will go towards allowing us to continue the ongoing development of Valhelsia projects, and we greatly appreciate the support received. You can visit our store by using the link or by clicking on the Store button at the top of the page in the menu.
Valhelsia | Welcome
Link to our store.
You can also support us by other means, for example by renting a server from our partner BisectHosting using the promo code "Valhelsia" to get 25% off your first month as a new client for any of their gaming servers. You can also help us to translate our mods and modpacks, find more information on the page dedicated to this subject. Finally, for those who can't spare the money, there are non-financial ways to support us too - things such as streaming our packs, creating videos, or sharing screenshots; playing with friends; or being active on our Discord server all help us, and we appreciate you all greatly.

Store API Compatibility

The cosmetics are visible to all players using a recent version of the Valhelsia Core mod. This includes our modpacks, mods and external mods like Forbidden and Arcanus (this also works for any external modpacks that use a mod requires our API).
Below is a table that lists the minimum required version of our modpacks and Valhelsia Core and which cosmetics are supported in this version.
API Version
Halloween 2021 Collection
Winter 2022 Collection
Summer 2022 Collection
Pack Version
API Version
Valhelsia: Enhanced Vanilla
Valhelsia: Volatile
Valhelsia 5
Valhelsia 3
Valhelsia: Origins
Not supported
Valhelsia 2
Not supported
Valhelsia 1
Not supported
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