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Players have been asking for a while if we accept donations. While we truly appreciate the interest, our current approach is to provide recognition back to the people who support us financially. Consequently, at this moment, we do not have a direct donation option available but several options are on the table.

However, there are alternative ways for you to support us. We've partnered with serious companies to bring you products that may be of interest. The revenue received from our partners will go towards allowing us to continue the ongoing development of Valhelsia projects, and we greatly appreciate this indirect support received.

Our Partners


Want to play our modpacks with your friends? BisectHosting offers quick, simple and high quality server hosting with over a dozen locations available across the world, ensuring low latency. After your purchase, the server is already configured and ready to use.

Using the promo code "Valhelsia" to save 25% off your first month as a new client for any of their gaming servers.


We are proud to partner with Proton to offer you encrypted and user-friendly services for email, calendar, file storage, VPN, all designed with one principle in mind: your data, your rules. Feel free to explore, as there is a free version available for each of their products!

Free support

You can also help us to translate our mods and modpacks, find more information on the page dedicated to this subject.

Finally, for those who can't spare the money, there are non-financial ways to support us too - things such as streaming our packs, creating videos, or sharing screenshots; playing with friends; or being active on our Discord server all help us, and we appreciate you all greatly.

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